Before contacting our After Sales Service department for technical advice, you should consult our Problem Solving Guide below. Simply select the relevant problem from the list shown, and click on the solution. Some problems may have more than one solution, so if the first solution does not work, try the next one on your list. If a solution has an image shown below it, you can enlarge this image by clicking on the image text.

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Where are the model and serial numbers?
The burner caps are discoloured
How do I clean a Stainless Steel finish?
My Ceramic Hob will not heat up
My Induction Hob will not heat up
Only 1 or 2 rings on my hob are working
The flame on my Gas Hob is weak and yellow
My cast iron hot plate is rusting
My induction hob power indicators are wrong
Which pans are suitable for my Ceramic Hob?
Which pans are suitable for my Induction Hob?
Poor cooking results
Ceramic Hob does not operate
There is a H in the display